Friday, July 3, 2009

The 5Th Stroke Of My Heart

Just even the night comes
A lovely setting of the sun
Closed my hands in time
Inviting music for some

Misty glasses were found
Making a melodious sound
Table moved to everyone's dimes
As i picked a bit of songlines

But after a couple of hours
I have heard different memoirs
Quickly turned my feet into sand
Looking at my bored life to understand

In a blink of the joyous mind
Suddenly twisted and drowned
A whisper from my girl reminds
Followed the 5th stroke of my heart

Lost my next day's happiness
Unexpected entrance of sadness
Forwarded to my restless mind
Wanted forgiveness undefined


Summer said...

Oh why?! I mean anong nagyari bakit ganito ang poem?! But anyway, it is great! And i like it really. =D Thanks for sharing such a nice post like this. Have a wonderful day ahead. =D

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The Brown Mestizo

Snow said...

Sad poem. Bakit ganito yung poem? True to life ba ito?