Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Kind of FOOL Are You?

Fell Out Of Love
Flirting Over Our Loveones
Finding On Other Love

Free Of Our Limitations
Flickering On Our Lucks
Felt Our Oweful Life

For whatever reasons we've got
There's only one thing i want
through the skin of your trust
I have to say and stay...

Forever Owned One's Life
Happy 4 Hearts Day Honey


kuletz said...

always remember that i love you so much ha? pls dont do anything naughty while you're far away from me ha? i miss you so much hon!


Summer said...

Wow1 What a love..I can feel it..haha..
Great post.More!!=D Nabsa koh message oh,, happy monthsary daw.hehe
Congrats and more months and years to come on your way of love.=)

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The Brown Mestizo

ransom said...

@ kuletz: don't worry hon im all yours iloveyou

@ summer: huuuy thanks for the comments ha

Anonymous said...

Akala mo ba'y matatakot mo ako at masisindak na hindi halata ..?? Hah!!! Sumagot kA...SagUt!!!

ransom said...

@ jasonizers: ey sarcastic comment huh ka brod ba kita? tnx for viewing anyways

kuletz said...

hon i think he's acting like an actor at my director sya oh.... my >>cut<< eh! gets?? hehhee

ransom said...

hon tingin ko isa siyang artista na gusto sumikat sa laragan ng blog pagbigyan natin siya whahahah everyone has the right to show their talents