Sunday, February 8, 2009

Until I Met You

Before I met you,
I thought I was happy,
and i was,
but i had never known
the rich of contentment,
deep satisfaction,
and total fufillment
you brought to me
when you came into my life.
Before I met you,
I felt a lot of things,
good things,
but i had never experienced
the indescribably intense
feelings I have for you.
Before I met you,
I thought I knew myself,
and i did,
but you looked deep inside me
and found fresh new things
for us to share.
Before I met you,
I thought I knew about love,
but i didn't,
until i met you.


cheng! said...

whhahahaha..........kilig ako!!!!hehehe..........para kanino ba ito?napakaswerteng babae!!!to be loved by i wish mapasagot mo na yung girl...wish you luck!!!

Anonymous said...

akoy simpleng mambabasa na biglang napadpad sa blogsite mo. magaganda ang mga tula mo ah. mukhang inlab ka pre!!!
nice one!

m a n n said...

anonymous hu u? thanks for the compliment

kuletz said...

mamann thankful ako at nakilala kita! dont wori il be a gud wiwen to you... teka gud girl naman tlaga ako eh... hehehe let's just pray nlng ok??

miss you & lab u mamann kow!!! *hugs & kisses*

m a n n said...

lab you too wiwen....