Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Destiny

i caN fEEl Now aNd i caN sEE
aNothEr morNiNg aNothEr joUrnEy
my miNd kEEp askiNg aNd woNdEriNg
is this thE rEal thiNg or jUst a drEam

my hEart is bEatiNg so fast so clEarly
is this thE right way oh God plEasE tEll mE
i kNow that this timE thE sEarch is ovEr
Now that i havE yoU to lEavE forEvEr

coz yoU'rE my swEEt dEstiNy
yoU mEaN thE wholE world to mE
my hopE my swEEt dEstiNy
briNgs back thE swEEtNEss iN mE

my dEspEratioN bEcamE a lEssoN
i lEft my sorrow lookEd for tomorrow
kEEp oN bEliEviNg a NEw bEgiNNiNg
that thErE will always bE likE yoU so dEarly

aNd Now thE story of lovE is glory
promisE to lovE yoU EtErNally
with all my hEart my soUl my body
i lovE yoU baby yoU arE thE oNly


kuletz said...

wow mamann may talent ka pla!!! naks naman ang ganda ng composition mo ah!!

galing galing!!!

keep it up!!!

pEyt said...


hmmm...para kanino kya ang tulang ito???

m a n n said...

hoy peyt peyt peyt kamusta ka mabuti naman at napadaan ka? mangilan ngilan lang ang pumapasyal ditu sa blog ko eh. mga taoung pinagpala lang hahaha

Anonymous said...

bro magaling magaling!!!

ipagpatuloy mo lang yan...