Friday, May 22, 2009


Passing through the days of my life
I've met lot of people
values with different moods and styles
some were good and others were not
but it does not matter at all

Lending a few insights to reach my thoughts
sending few words to reach my tongue
and doing few acts to reach my emotions
are enough to consider that you became
a part of my humble life

So by this, let me thank you
for sparing few time of fun
as i will continue to reach your way
the way that you want me to stay

Cheers to all my new friends....


Gi-Ann said...

Cheers! Kanpai! .. Tinapos ko talaga basahin ah.

Scroll down ko pa. =)
dapat you should be a member of Poetrydances..pwede pa dun I feature ang mga poems mo..;)

kuletz said...

wow hon galing! may talent ka tlga! hehe keep it up hon!


m a n n said...

@ Gi-Ann: huuuy thanks ha alam mu ba tagal na akong di nagbblog not until few of friends like you crashed down to my site ayan tuloy na inspire nanaman ako in the middle of my work thanks ulit. heehhe

m a n n said...

@ kuletz:
thanks to my viewers kasi they made me inspired again in doing impromptu cratfs hahaha... cge matulog ka na wag matigas ang ulo. beh